I'm Angie!

My passion is to help people heal by using different modalities and tools that help heal the mind and body. I believe in the mind-body connection and the power of healing when these elements are balanced. Finding balance is a life long relationship with yourself. 

I'm a Canadian trained massage therapist with thousands of hours, and years of experience under my belt. I believe in quality over quantity. I believe in treating every one of my clients with compassion, love and understanding with zero judgments. 

I have been meditating for years as a way to heal, and believe spending some quiet time with yourself every day allows you to re-connect with your inner self and focus on those deep spaces in need of healing. I have created a YouTube channel making guided meditations, in collaboration with a small team to create female (myself), and male voice options. Everyone has different preferences, and I want to make sure it's diverse enough for everyone's needs. You can also find me on the meditation app Insight Timer.  


I take my personal self-care and self-love seriously so that I have enough to give. I am adamant about my personal boundaries of how much I can give in a day. This should be a rule for everyone in your job or life in general. Fill your own cup before you give to others.

Once you find balance in one area of your life, you may lose balance in other areas. Sometimes life throws you curveballs and everything goes out of whack. This is what balance is about - being mindful and checking in with what areas need more focus. 


You may have moments in your life when all areas of your life seem to synchronize. Enjoy these moments when they do happen. Breathe it in.


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"After suffering 2 miscarriages in a year, I felt very defeated and down. Angie's 90 day program helped me get on track in terms of eating the right foods, trying new recipes, and positive thinking. Immediately after completing the program I became pregnant and I am now less than 5 weeks away from my due date! Thanks to the program, I now swear by my daily green smoothie and have incorporated other positive changes into my daily habits, and have enjoyed an easy and healthy pregnancy.
Thanks Angie!" 

-Jacquie | Montreal |


"I have absolutely loved this experience!! To think of myself 3 months ago, I was miserable, felt hopeless and so unhealthy!! Getting my eating right has really taken a while but now it's become almost an addiction, trying to find great new healthy meals. I'm so much happier and far less anxious and depressed. 3 months ago I would have never thought I could be feeling like this!! I thought I was going to end up being put on antidepressants! You have been an amazing support and I could never have done this without you!!! You really have changed my life! Truly it's such an amazing thing you have done for a random person on the other side of the world!! Going through this program I have learned SO much! The biggest thing is I've learned to listen and understand my body better. I now feel the difference depending on what I put inside my body. And I've come to realize how great it is to feel great! I can't thank you enough for what you've done for me!

Thank you for all your hard work."

-Jayne Tan | New Zealand |