8 Steps to Creating a Meditation Space at Home

How do you create your own meditation space?

FIRST you will want to find an area in your home that you can escape to and have some privacy. You want to make your space very special and very sacred for you. This space is for you and you only.


This area can really be anywhere you choose but you will want to choose an area that perhaps you can close a door to create more privacy for yourself. Especially if you have children. If you do have children (or a roommate, husband or wife) make sure you let them know before hand you will be spending sometime in this space for the duration of the time you wish and to not be disturbed. This area may be best in your bedroom or a spare room/office. It would be ideal if you had a space that overlooks greenery or nature but lets face it if you live in the city that may not be possible. So you can create this within your space.


Be creative and decorate your area/space with things that bring you calmness. Perhaps get some plants or flowers for this space. Or a painting or picture that you would be facing that brings you peace such as something with nature or soothing colors. Get a small bench or table that you can also decorate with crystals, Buddha's, rocks, Mala beads, aromatic incense, sage, essential oil diffuser, candles or whatever your belief system is that you pray/meditate to. You want to make sure this bench/table area is lower to the ground so you can see it when you are in a seated position facing it. This is YOUR space so get creative and place anything special to you on it!


If you can find an area that is airy an ventilated you will have a better experience with your mediation. A fresh breeze in the air will promote better relaxation. If not you may want to choose using essential oils rather then burning aromatic incense.


Get in touch with your senses. Touch, smell, sight, sound and taste. Hold something in your hands such as a mala bead for mantra's, crystals, or something special to you that makes you feel protected. Burn some incense, or diffuse essential oils (if the smoke bothers you). Light some candles (especially if it's dark). Set up your objects in front of you so when you see them it triggers a calm relaxed state. Be either in a quiet space (if you can) or put some headphones on and listen to calming meditative music or follow a guided meditation. Or have some calm soft music playing in the background. You may want to set an alarm with a gentle sound so you know when your time is up. Taste may sound strange because what will you be tasting when you are meditating. Before you begin your mediation session brush your teeth and rinse your mouth so you have a fresh feeling inside your mouth. This freshness will also promote more relaxation.


Keep your area clutter free. Cluttered areas clutter the mind. This is not the area you want cluttered. Whatever sacred items you are placing in your area be sure to keep them organized and clean. This is a sacred space and you want to make sure it isn't collecting dust. So make sure you take time to keep this space clean.


You can lay down or sit while you are meditating but is better to be in a upright seated position so you do not actually fall asleep. You want to be aware and awake when you are meditating to benefit from the calming effects. Find a pillow (or purchase a meditating pillow) to prop yourself up slightly so you can sit core comfortably. Crossing your legs in front of you is ideal. If this positioning does not work for you or causes you discomfort then go into a laying position. Try to lay on top of something slightly cushiony ( a yoga mat or a blanket) and have a light blanket to cover yourself and a soft pillow under your head. You may want to get a bolster pillow (or roll up a towel) for under your knees for more support.


Keep phones away or set to silent. The last thing you need during this time is the phone ringing or an annoying text or notification buzzing and scaring you out of your calm state.

#8 Lastly BREATHE.......

Sometimes we will not have time, or are near your space to be able to take that time for yourself. Just remember, no matter where you are, close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths in and out. Focus on a word, affirmation or a mantra. Or keep it really simple and JUST focus on your breath. 5 deep breaths in, 5 deep breaths out and repeat 5 times.

It is scientifically proven that taking time to stop and breathe reduces stress and anxiety. We can AWAYS make time for at least a couple minutes a day doing something that is good for you both physically and mentally. I don't care how busy you are! The busier you are the more you need it!