Beginners Yoga for Hormone Healing

Oh my goodness! What a year this has been! My first year in the US I couldn't work while I was waiting for my green card so I have really been making up for it this year!!

I'm so beyond excited to have finally completed my 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training which I finished in May at Zen Yoga Garage in Chicago. Since then I have been off to the races! Doing workshops in Chicago, published my very first e-book, completed a 10 day program to go with the e-book and creating yoga/meditation YouTube videos designed for hormonal balance. Currently I'm training to be certified in method of movement (yoga/dance) created by a women from Hungary.

This method is designed to heal all the muscles, fascia and tissue in the female reproductive system all while bringing fresh blood flow to the area. This practice is not well known in North America yet and I will be heading to Hungary next year to get my certification. I'm so excited to add this to my programs! I will keep you posted!

In the meantime, I wanted to share a flow I put together for the 10 Day Hormone Reboot program I just completed. When our hormones are out of whack we have to spend time slowing things down. By slowing down our mind-body and spirit we slow down the release of cortisol and other nasty hormones that mess with us! It's a time to breathe and spend time on extreme self-love. Don't panic! Once your hormones are re-balanced you can slowly start adding more movement. I have a 6 week program coming up in March 2018 with a team of experts that will help guide you through all of this!

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I hope you enjoy this beginners hormone healing flow.

Much love!