Homemade Cold Elixir

Alright folks! Its winter still (in my part of the world) and we are all suffering from these nasty bugs flying around making us sick! It seems this winter is particularly bad for people. I think because it’s been cold then warm then cold then warm. BAH!

I have shared this on my Facebook page but thought it was definitely blog worthy.

Why not take some of the best natural healing ingredients and mash them up together and drink it!

Lets do it......

This is what you will need

Get a bowl or even better a Molcajete (Mexican bowl) and I use a wooden spoon to mash up

Slice up a lemon and an orange, cut into halves then place in bowl

Cut up a large chunk of ginger (3 inches) and slice up into little pieces, add into bowl with lemon/orange

2 Tablespoons of powdered (or cut up fresh) Turmeric into the bowl

2 large tablespoons of raw honey in bowl

Smash that goodness all up together!

Once it’s all smashed up and has lots of golden juices, scoop the magic elixir into your mason jar (can keep up to a month in the fridge). You can add a little filtered water for more juices.

Heat up some hot water and scoop a generous amount into your favorite cup and stir it up!! As you can see mine is my Toronto cup. A little piece of home and heaven to make me feel better. (Hi TORONTO I miss you ♥)

Why these ingredients??

Orange Benefits

Oranges are full of vitamin C as well as a good source of fiber. Loaded with vit B, Folate, vit A, calcium, copper and potassium! An immune booster, lowers cholesterol, boosts heart health and much more!

Lemons Benefits

Loaded with Vit C, B6, calcium, potassium and copper. Another immune booster, aids in digestion, helps fight bacteria and much more!

Turmeric Benefits

This amazing ingredient is a powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory! It has a whole list of benefits including a natural pain killer, anti-depressant, helps arthritis among a whole lot of other amazing things!


This is another one of my FAVORITE ingredients I use on a daily basis. Ginger strengthens the immunity, reduces pain and inflammation, and fights respiratory problems and sooooo much more.

Raw Honey

Also boosts the immune system, can help suppress a cough, helps allergies and is full of antioxidants, enzymes and minerals.

AND all these ingredients help balance your HORMONES! YAY!

Drink up in your favorite cup!!