My Yoga Teacher Training Journey

Updated: Mar 3, 2018

I'm baaaaack!!!

As some of you know I started Yoga Teacher Training in March this year. It was a 10 week intensive which we finished the end of May. Where do I start..... I have been wanting to do YTT for a long time now and almost did so many times but it would always fall through. I think it just wasn't my time and I was destined to do this training here in Chicago at Zen Yoga Garage.

This is our first day.

We all had just met for the first time. We were a little nervous, a lot excited and we had our very own unique reasons for being there. We all come from completely different lives and backgrounds yet we all shared this same desire to want to learn. Learn about ourselves and how to connect with ourselves and others on a deeper level. Each individual in this picture has their own beautiful story. Now when I look back on this picture it brings such a huge smile to my face. Because of how amazing the whole experience was and how much I love each and every one of these beings in this photo. I feel like we will all have this connection now for the rest of our lives. Like family. My yoga family. I know sounds suuuuuper cheezy but it's true!!

I had a couple reasons for wanting to do this training. The most important were selfish reasons. To be immersed in an environment where I will dig deeper into myself, grow and better myself as a human. We are all human and we all screw up, but we can learn tools to bring us to a place where we can handle things differently, with more ease and calm. The other reason is for my coaching business. A huge part of healing your hormones is reducing stress. Stress releases hormones that causes havoc in our bodies. Yoga and meditation help reduce stress, anxiety and help balance hormones. I now feel like I have a better understanding of yoga and meditation and feel more authentic in what I am teaching.

I can honestly say I have finally found my Chicago family.

Namaste my beautiful yoga family. Thank you.