Weekly Guided Meditations

Updated: May 22, 2020

Hello Warriors!

I hope everyone is managing alright throughout out this uncertain time. Everyone is experiencing some form of stress these last few months. Finding something that can help ease these stresses is really important right now. Stress can lower your immune system and can lead to illness's. Making sure you have a toolbox to ease any stress is key to being healthy.

Personally I have gone through all the ups and downs this last couple of months. As a lot of you know I opened my own massage therapy practice less then a year ago , and was just starting to have some success when the carpet was ripped out from under me. As we near re-opening, my stress levels have gone up slightly. I have a lot of concerns with my practice, such as new policies to make sure the safety of myself and my clients are in place. I'm sure you can relate on many different levels in your own life.

One thing that has been consistent with myself for years is managing my stress using meditation. While I haven't been able to work I decided to create content on my YouTube channel , and create weekly guided meditations for free as a way to help myself and anyone else in need of some healing that I can't provide in person.

So far I have 2 guided meditations on my channel both that will help in decrease stress. The 1st one listed is focused on increasing oxygen, and decreasing carbon dioxide in our bodies through breathing techniques. I will be creating a series of these specific ones, because it is important right now while we have to wear masks that we re-balance the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in our bodies. Wearing masks consistently blocks enough oxygen from getting into your body and you are essentially breathing in more carbon dioxide then you should be. Reports are coming out of people collapsing from wearing a mask for long periods of time. Please make sure to take breaks from wearing a mask. If you are out for a walk, and you are distant from other people, take breaks to breathe in some air.

My 2nd meditation on my channel that went live this week is a guided imagery body scan to decrease tension in your muscles by bringing awareness to each area of your body , and releasing it with visualization and breath.

I've made this my full time job at the moment. This is helping ease my anxiety , and I hope it will help ease stress to who ever needs it right now. My apartment has turned into a small recording studio. It brings me joy to work on these , and knowing I am doing my part in helping others in some way.

One way that all of you could help me right now is by subscribing to my channel. While I'm creating a lot of free content, I'm hoping maybe one day I will have enough subscribers that YouTube will start paying me. If you enjoy my content, and you feel it is helping you, I would be beyond grateful if you can subscribe to the channel. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I hope these meditations bring you some joy.

Much Love- Angie