What is self love?

Updated: Mar 2, 2018

What is self love?

I think a lot of people get confused and think self-love is being selfish. Guess what? It is! People also get confused that being "selfish" is a negative thing. Which yes of course it can be. But there is also something called "healthy selfishness". Spending time on ones self and taking care of our mind-body and spirit is a necessity to living a happy, healthy and long life.

We have been conditioned to believe that making time for yourself "being "selfish" is a bad thing. So we ignore what is actually the most important thing for our happiness and well-being. Then next thing you know you wake up one day and realize how un-happy you are.

We are like nature. Just as a plant needs sunlight and water to survive, humans also have specific needs to live a healthy optimal life. It is an integral part of our being that we feed our mind-body and spirit with the proper nutrients mentally and physically.

As I write this I still struggle to really love my "physical self". I have always struggled with my self-image. I grew up in the modeling industry where my everyday was based on what I looked like. I was constantly under a microscope and every little flaw was pointed out to me daily. " You aren't skinny enough, your not tall enough, you have a pimple, , lose weight in your thighs and butt, you aren't pretty enough, starve yourself, too much this, not enough that". The list goes on. Even though that was many moons ago those words still echo through my head from time to time.

So trust me when I say "I still struggle". The difference now though is I have found tools such as meditation, yoga and surrounding myself with people who really love me. I have a long list of things that help me get out of my head, see reality and not a delusion of my unconscious mind.

We all have our things that we struggle with! We just need to find things that make us happy and feel good and do them daily. See how important it is to love ourselves?

This is my self love journey.....

Every moment of every day, every year, every decade of my life has made me the person I am today. A lot of great things and some not so great things. All of these things have made me who I am at this very moment.

Moments in my life have made me so insecure I felt awkward in my own skin

Moments in my life have made me feel so confident I wanted all eyes on me

Moments in my life have made me so fearful & angry I fumble & freeze

Moments in my life have shown me empathy

Moments in my life have made me judge

Felt judgment

Moments in my life have made me feel deep compassion

Moments in my life have made selfish


Moments in my life have made me make the wrong choices

Perfect choices

Moments in my life have made me question every decision I've made

Then so sure of everything

With all of these different moments in my life I didn't know I wasn't doing one really important thing

Loving myself

Every day I love myself a little bit more

But I still struggle.....

Skipping, tripping, laughing, crying, loving, fighting, ups, downs, yin & yang

Always searching

I'm a mixed up, mashed up ball of all of the things above

My life has been a continuous uphill learning curve


Getting back on track when I have fallen

Right there inside me

This mystical secret

Learning to LOVE MYSELF!

Things will be great and then life will turn you upside down. Without these challenges you wouldn't learn who you are

I'm human

I feel

I will keep making mistakes

I'm sensitive

I love to love

I love to be loved

I'm insecure

I am grateful

I will still fall

I will get back up

What makes your heart sing ?

I love helping people, helping animals, fueling my body with foods that make

feel good, juicing greens, making smoothies, learning healthy recipes, yoga, meditation, moving my body, socializing, dancing, music, gardening, growing my own food, meeting new people, laughing so hard you cry, long hugs, passionate kisses, connecting with people that lift my spirit, spending time with my family, my husband, my dog, smiling at strangers and so sooooo much more.

I also love all the "bad" things! I love pizza, chips, wine, chocolate, popcorn

with butter, almond milk lattes with honey, coffee in general, anything with

cheese in it or on it, being lazy, shutting off, being alone, watching horror

movies, splurging & indulging!

Find Your Balance

I admire all those healthy yogi gurus, spiritual advisors, athletes being their best, advocates making a difference to make change in the world, people helping people, helping animals and the planet, humanitarians. People who have mastered their craft and doing something good with it. People fighting the good fight to live their life authentically and purely to teach others.

I admire people who want to better themselves. People who dig deep find

that inner strength and keep going. People who have struggled but found a way to use those struggles to be help others. Wear your scars like armor WITH PRIDE!

As perfect as people may seem don't forget we are all human. And no one human is perfect. We all struggle. At the end of the day we all want to be happy and loved.

Find compassion for people around you.

You don't know what they have been through.....

Never compare yourself to others. You are you and you are unique.

Be your beautiful authentic SELF.

While I continue my journey I want to help inspire women to fall in love with themselves while balancing hormones. Every amazing, awkward, insecure, sensitive, lovable side of themselves.

Let's all try to remember to be a little kinder, compassionate, respectful, forgiving & LOVING. To everyone around us but first and formost; to ourselves.


Angie xoxo

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